Donnywood, Population: 1

I used to have an entertainment blog where I wrote movie and television reviews. Sometimes I’d focus on High School Musical tidbits, and sometimes I’d focus on gay porn news. Clearly, there wasn’t a target audience. Clearly (part II), the site didn’t get much traffic.

I did my best keeping up to date, but reviewing every single episode of every single show you watch can get tiresome, so I turned to some of my closest friends and had them assist with some posts. None of them were getting paid, but to be fair, neither was I. Still, it was a cute little business I was running.

But lives get busy and all of us kind of just stopped writing posts. So much so, in fact, that my domain name expired and Sexy Trash was purchased by, you guessed it, a porn company (which, if they included High School Musical tidbits, would be kind of full circle, so I approve). 

I recently tried to revive the site with another friend of mine, but to be honest, I just can’t be bothered with deadlines and meeting a certain number of posts per day. Chalk it up to me being a pesky millennial, I guess. So the revival of Sexy Trash ended as quickly as it began.

So here I am – alone, this time, and not focusing on content. This isn’t an entertainment blog. Sometimes it will be. It will be chock full of movie reviews and Top 10 lists. Sometimes, I may post some viral videos. Sometimes, I’ll show you costumes and decorations I whip up for theme parties. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some insider information on my life and marriage. But most likely, I’ll just talk about how much I poop.

Welcome to Donnywood. Buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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