The Sweet Escape

I attended  my first “Escape Room” approximately two years ago. Back then, it was on the more popular side of “unknown,” but unknown, regardless. The one I went to was theater themed, and my theater minor self loved everything about it. We dissected the writing in crumpled up playbills, we checked under seats, we flung through a hamper full of costumes; in short, we tore that theater APART. We escaped the room with 7 minutes to spare, and I spent every minute free telling everyone I ever met how cool this experience was.

As time passed, I made sure to participate in more escape rooms (with themes that included an office, kidnapper’s lair, James Bond, 80’s Rec room), and Escape Rooms became the hot, new thing to do. Because people were listening to me? Perhaps, but the research is still being done to be sure. Yesterday, it became clear how popular this sensation has become. My morning started with an ad on one of my social media accounts telling me about a contest where you and 3 friends can win a trip to Boston to participate in an Escape Room with Chris Evans. This doesn’t need to be said, but an Escape Room with Captain America (and more importantly, Jake Wyler from “Not Another Teen Movie”) is not one I’d like to successfully escape from. (Sorry, husband!)

Later that night, I caught up on some of my TV shows. “American Housewife” dealt with the lead character and her husband building an Escape Room in their basement for their son’s birthday. Um, first of all – this is the coolest idea for a birthday ever. Mom and Dad, why weren’t you rigging our backyard with mouse traps and word puzzles instead of watching me binge on pizza at Sahara Sam’s?! After that episode ended, I checked in on my “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and sure enough, they, too, were participating in an Escape Room. These rooms are all the rage with housewives these days! With Chris Evans and gay men, too, apparently. Escape Rooms have become impossible to… escape. Too easy? I apologize.

Seeing these rooms popping up all over everywhere my pop culture eyes turned got me to thinking. Pop culture-themed Escape Rooms would be SO marketable. Sure, you’d probably have to change the name because you couldn’t get the rights, so a “Friends” themed room would be a “Coffee Shop Buddies” theme, but people would get the idea. So, without further ado, I give you something that nobody has asked me for, but I’m giving to you anyway: my top 5 non-existent pop culture influenced Escape Room themes.

“Blackmailed Teen Girls” Room


Setting: E’s Lair

Plot: A masked figure known as “E” has been terrorizing you and your friends for the past seven years. Now that you’ve found his/her lair, it’s your job to find out what dirt “E” has on you and discover their identity once and for all!

“Zombie Run” Room


Setting: An old shed in the middle of the woods during the zombie apocolypse

Plot: You and your gang of misfit strangers have found yourselves in a shed surrounded by zombies. You have one hour to find weapons and a way to escape before you’re someone’s lunch.

Ying Yang Sex Dungeon” Room


Setting: Mr. Yang’s Sex Dungeon

Plot: You’ve been locked in the secret sex dungeon of the highly successful businessman, Mr. Yang. Sort through a variety of sex toys as you race to escape before he returns.

“Drama in the White House” Room


Setting: The Oval Office of the White House

Plot: The President’s biggest secret is on the verge of being exposed to the press. You and your fellow “Roman fighters” have 60 minutes to discover his secret, dispose of any evidence, and make sure this matter is handled.

“Preteen Wizard School” Room


Setting: The main room of the most popular Wizarding School

Plot: Uh oh. The unmentionable villain is back! You have one hour to find all 7 pieces of his personality to defeat him once and for all! Be sure to check in with Whiney Wilhelmina in the toilet for some advice on how to win!

Which of these Escape Rooms would you do? Are there any themes not on the list that you’d love to escape from? Are you an investor that would like to make my dreams come true? Get loud in the comments below!




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