“The Flash” and “Supergirl” Musical Crossover Gets Its Villian!

For those of you waiting impatiently for details on the musical episode of The Flash (no one? Just me? Okay. Moving on…), wait no further.


As previously reported, the March 18 episode will be a crossover episode featuring Supergirl. Also mentioned earlier is the storyline, which follows The Flash and Supergirl teaming up to defeat DC’s most sinister songbird, The Music Meister.

Until yesterday, there was no mention of casting as it pertained to this episode. Fans of the DC Universe, more specifically Batman: The Brave and the Bold, were hoping that Neil Patrick Harris would reprise his role. I, however, was hoping against it the whole time. Nothing against NPH (or Harvey Fierstein in “Hairspray Live” or 90% of the cast in the “Rent” movie), but I see no reason for someone to play a role they’ve already played. It’s old news. Bring me fresh talent.

And fresh talent we shall get. Joining his former Glee castmates Melissa Benoist (Kara Jor El/Supergirl) and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash), Darren Criss will be co-starring in the musical episode, causing as much choral chaos as he can.


Other Supergirl/The Flash cast members with a musical/theater background that are bound to sing in this episode include Jesse L. Martin, Victor Garber, Carlos Valdes, Jeremy Jordan, and John Barrowman. I know Laura Benanti‘s storyline is finished on Supergirl, but one can hope they’ll find a way to bring her back to sing at least one song. I’d be fine with a duet, even.

Details are still being kept underwraps as to whether the episode will feature new songs or follow the format of a jukebox musical, but in case The CW decides to go the jukebox route, I’ve decided to post a few songs they’d be foolish to not include:

Supergirl herself, Kara Jor El, will clearly take this song on alone, highlighting her strengths.

Meanwhile, Barry Allen will perform this Queen hit. Perhaps a montage of him training and/or running.

The Music Meister will show off his vocal abilities to this Gloria Estefan number. Perhaps taking some of it down an octave can really play up the darkness of this man’s powers.

Barry and Kara are faster and stronger when they team up to defeat the Music Meister, so Kanye’s song is the perfect choice for this ass-kicking occasion.

Did I leave any obvious songs out? Get loud in the comments below!



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