Preview In Review: The Blackcoat’s Daughter


Okay, I know a trip to Google would clear this right up, but I don’t know what a Blackcoat is. I mean, I know what a black coat is; I worked at Gap for six years, for God’s sake, but as far as this movie title is concerned, no clue.

However, definition or not, this movie looks like my cup of tea. First of all, the second most famous branch of the Roberts family tree in a horror film that isn’t campy? Count. Me. In. (For clarification, although Emma is significantly less talented than Julia, I prefer her. Sue me.) As much as I love the sharp tongued, high fashion-wearing Emma the world has come to know from Scream Queens and American Horror Story, it’ll be nice to see her play  a role straight.

Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka plays the lead, which, thanks to the trailer, I still know nothing about. A handful of girls trapped at a boarding school in the winter end up covered in blood while folk music is sung hauntingly. I’m fine with it. Plus, Kiernan is not an actress I actively search for in projects, but I’m also pleased when she’s on my screen. (Another actress that is more talented than Emma Roberts, but dammit, if I STILL don’t prefer her to Emma. Sue me twice.)

“The Blackcoat’s Daughter” will open in select theaters February 17, 2017.


*Merriam Webster defines “blackcoat” as a British derogatory term for clergymen.


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