Sunday Shoutout: The Adventures of Hot Head

Last weekend, I messaged a handful of my talented friends, warning them that my new weekly post, “Sunday Shoutout,” would be beginning that weekend and that I’d love to showcase things they’re working on.

Cut to the Friday of the following week with no new posts published. Not a “Sunday Shoutout.” Not a review of CW’s “Riverdale.” Not even a write up on the horrific Bowling Green massacre. Cliffnotes version: I suck at this whole writing on a deadline thing (which, silver lining, now I know why I don’t have a writing career, at least.)

But here we are, the following Saturday, and I’m ready for my first SUNDAY SHOUTOUT. So turn your calendars back and use your imagination because as far as this blog is concerned, it’s Sunday January 29, y’all.

A few of my friends have been producing shorts under the popular YouTube channel, “The Timid Jester” for some time now. For the most part, they focus on creating new episodes of their web show, Screencrashers, which follows a group of friends in the middle of various role playing games that may or may not seem familiar to you. (Spoiler alert: they’ll be familiar to you. Their role playing games follow the plots of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Angel, to name a few.)


Besides the fact that I have more than a handful of friends involved in Timid Jester, I’ve been a fan of their work from the beginning. Their sense of humor straddles the line of pop culture fanatic/nerd perfectly, which is great for me, since my former Grindr profile used to brag about my high pop culture fanatic/nerd status, along with some very special skills. (Insert eggplant emoji here.) For their newest project, Timid Jester moved away from their normal web show style and produced a 40 minute short film. Broken into four 10-minute spots, “The Adventures of Hot Head” follows an aspiring superhero as he tries to break into the big leagues (which, wouldn’t you know, is a group of highly skilled and lowly paid professionals who must wait until they are assigned on missions by the head of the Hero’s Action Guild.)

Most of the characters that Hot Head comes across are spoofs of heroes that already exist, mainly in the Marvel universe. For instance, Hot Head finds his mentor in the form of Jessica Johns, a fast talking, leather wearing, ass kicking brunette. If you’re not familiar with this reference, speed read through the rest of this post, watch “The Adventures of Hot Head,” on YouTube, and then haul ass over to Netflix’s “Most Popular” category because you’re really missing out.

While it’s fun to discover the Hero’s Action Guild equivalents of your favorite comic heroes, “The Adventures of Hot Head” really shines when focusing on its new characters and scenarios. The scenes with Hot Head and his roommate are especially delicious.

But what literally had my jaw open throughout the film was the special effects and overall editing. I was lucky enough to go to the premiere of this movie on Tuesday, and I could not stop saying how impressed I was. I mean, his hands turn into fucking fire and then we get an animated opening sequence. I’ve never seen any independent work like it. I didn’t even know it was possible. Once again, I’m very impressed.

The three remaining episodes will be available one at a time every Thursday for the rest of the month on the group’s YouTube page found HERE.

Watch the first part of the film and leave your comments below! Are you as impressed with this movie as I am?


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