Ways Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show Can Be Political Without Being Political

The Lady Gaga/Commercial show airs tomorrow with a football game sprinkled rudely throughout, for those of you who don’t know. And while I’m 90% over Gaga, I’m still warm to her advances.

Beyonce had WP (white people) damn near dead last year when her group of all black backup dancers came out dressed like members of the Black Panther party during halftime show. (I, too, was screaming, but in more of a “Yes, bitch, yes!” way and less of a “What will happen to my whiteness?!” way.)

Rumor has it that Super Bowl officials are trying to keep WP calm and have included restrictions in Gaga’s performance contract limiting what her show can include. Things on the “Do Not Mention” list: DTrump and politics.

That’s fine. I’m not exactly begging to hear his name during the halftime show. (I’m already watching football; let’s not twist the knife by bringing this man up.) However, Gaga has never been shy about making a statement, and while I’m sure she doesn’t want to be sued, I don’t think she’ll sing “Applause” in a meat dress and call it a day.

If I know my Gaga like I know my Gaga, I think she’ll not-so-subtly make her views known without being able to be called on it. In fact, I’ve come up with a short list of ways that the Lady can be political without mentioning politics:

1. Have gays kissing behind her while a chorus line of dancers of all skin tones and religions hold hands behind the gays.


2. Start the performance on top of a wall Humpty Dumpty-style, only to break it down throughout her set.lady-gaga-berlin-wall

3. Perform “Telephone” with Michelle Obama taking over the Beyonce verse.michelle-obama-dance


4. Bring out Beyonce and her Black Panther backup dancers.

The contract says GAGA can’t get political; it doesn’t say shit about Bey.beyonce-gif

5. Do whatever the fuck she wants.

If she DOES get sued, she has enough money to pay it off. Plus, I’m sure there’s more than enough snowflakes* that would start a GoFundMe to pay for her legal fees. It’s what we do.


Do you think Gaga will stick to her contract or will she find ways to sneak her message in? How do you think she’ll do it? Sign off below!


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