SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: “We Are The Tigers”

It’s time for SUNDAY SHOUTOUT already! That was a quick week (seeing as my slow ass only posted last week’s yesterday…) 

This week’s shout out is dedicated to Rebekah M. Allen and her fantastic musical, “We Are the Tigers.”


I was first introduced to “Tigers” in January of 2015. My little sister (who is one hard to please bitch) was visiting New York, and while trying to pick which Broadway show we’d see during this trip, we quickly realized there was no musical currently playing that was based on a teen movie or featured hot pink on the Playbill. Welp, there goes everything we have in common.

We got matching airbrushed “Team Bailey” shirts to see Bailey Hanks in “Legally Blonde” on Broadway. I’m not kidding.

I decided to check the website for 54 Below to see if anything fun was playing. Maybe there’d be a “Broadway Sings Ashley Tisdale” concert or something that would keep my sister happy (and me, too, let’s not lie.)

What I found instead was more than I could ever dream of. The description for “We Are the Tigers: In Concert” mentioned a high school cheer leading squad, a slumber party, multiple murders, and an original pop/rock score. I. Was. In. Musical. Heaven. And that was just based on the blurb!

The performance itself did not disappoint. The story follows the Tigers, the worst-ranked high school cheerleading squad in the state, during a team-building sleepover. Fingers are pointed and everyone is a suspect when teammates start ending up murdered, and the girls must find a way to survive. It’s “Scream” meets “Bring It On” meets “Heathers” meets “Pretty Little Liars” set to music, and once again I say, it’s musical Heaven.

Rebekah finds a way to give each of her characters their own voice and song style, and while the show has a lot of laughs, it’s her ballads that really grabbed me. The duet, “Skype Tomorrow” showcases the strain that going away to college has on a friendship, and it left my covered in goosebumps.

Since then, I’ve gone to every East Coast presentation of “Tigers” that I can find, and I’m just as impressed and excited each time. Rebekah also whipped up a concert version of her unauthorized parody, “Carrie 2: The Musical” last October, and it was the perfect Halloween date for the husband and I.

If that’s not enough, Rebekah is also an entertainment contributor at, showing that her sense of humor and strong voice does not need to be set to her energetic music to make an impact.

“We Are The Tigers” will be presented this Monday and Tuesday at 7pm in Brooklyn at the Gallery Players’ “Overtures” series. Tickets can be purchased at the link provided. I have my tickets to go on Monday, but let’s be real – I’ll probably end up going Tuesday, as well.


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